A Resounding YES

Captivating rainbows were spotted radiating their colourful gayness across Dublin City yesterday acting as a kind of sign that even the (usually dreary) weather was in favour of a YES! If i am remembering my leaving cert Macbeth correctly, i believe Shakespeare referred to that phenomenon as ‘pathetic fallacy’ where human emotions are reflected in nature.

I am utterly elated about yesterday’s vote. After months of debates, campaigns and healthy dialogue the Irish people have voted yes to marriage equality. This is the same country that forced David Norris to go to Europe in the 80s to have homosexuality decriminalised.

download (1)

It has given the country a boost just as we needed it the most. Leading on from the plethora of water protests it seems the government has finally done something right. Ireland has now become the first country to pass gay marriage by popular vote.

This was not about simply allowing gay people to marry. It was a representative gesture to make Ireland a more inclusive, understanding and equal society. You can’t put a price on that (although i know referendums cost a tonne of money, as my mum continually pointed out).

Now that that’s over time to move onto other things. To name but a few – educational disadvantage, white collar crime and my favourite important issue – REPEAL THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT. Yesterday was amazing but we have a long way to go.


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