I Declare War on the Phrase ‘Going Forward’

My dad alerted me to a insidious, toxic phenomenon in the modern Irish vocabulary. A meaningless, nonsense, fluffy term that should, in my opinion, be banned. This term is ‘going forward’. What does this mean? It has replaced ‘in the future’ and ‘somewhere down the road’ in modern Irish phraseology.

I was in college earlier and i was utterly surprised at how many people use this term in everyday speech.

This term, to me, has originated in the political landscape – one rife with shirking of responsibility and lack of acknowledgement of mistakes made and blunders committed. It is a word that has ingeniously come into existence, formulated by a smarmy wordsmith hired to create language that manipulates everyday people into forgetting what politicians have done in the past. It is a word that originated in the realms of a world where we are constantly looking forward, never back. Because, God forbid, we might remember what corrupt politicians have done in the past and never vote for them again!!!

Urban Dictionary defines this ‘an attempt to dodge the use of these words, which generally indicate “I don’t know”. A newer development in corporate doublespeak’ and ‘a phrase that business people use to mean someone completely fucked up big time BUT we don’t want to dwell on who’s fault it was instead can we all just adopt an optimistic outlook and please can we all start thinking about the future not the shithole of a present that we’re in’. EXACTLY! I’m all for optimism. But not at the price of repeating our mistakes by being enticed by a mere word.

Oh, the majestic power of language. I vote to bring back ‘in the future’. At least that makes sense.


One thought on “I Declare War on the Phrase ‘Going Forward’

  1. He didn’t prepare fully then later everybody was told “going forward” we need to do x, y and z. Which of course landed us all with additional work, without any acknowledgement for the original mistake that he made. Nor was there any recognition for the input that saved the day!
    It bothers me too! I have heard this pathetic excuse for bad planning used repeatedly.


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